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Project Description
The first goal of this tool is offer a possibility to modifiy existing Sharepoint site by executing script or suite of commands.
It's a solution for the deployement of Sharepoint artefact developpement. It must take of charge all deployement that can't be packaged into a wsp solution, template or import. It's a very powerfull tool if you use different environments (for example use of one different server for developpement, validation and production) and specially when you update of your Sharepoint site.
This tool is a complement for StsAdm and no a replacement of it.

The core engine is now probably defintive for version 1 (except eventual bug) and next efforts will be add more commands. The version 0.4 will be refactored to keep only core commands into the main assembly. All other commands are now stored into AddIns. The refactoring offer now the possibility to use your own namespace for your own AddIn. The major news are the support of StsAdm commands and StsAdm extensions but also the help engine that are now ready and that give to the user the possibility to have the list of all active commands and a help on each.

The version 0.4 contains:
(from prvious version)
  • Connect command
  • Disconnect command
  • Exit command
  • Run command (for executing script)
  • AddWebPart command
  • RemoveWebPart command
  • ActiveWebPartConnection command
  • CreateManagedProperty command
  • CreateCrawledProperty command
  • AddCrawledPropertyToIndex command
  • MapManagedProperty command
  • Prompt
  • Recursive
  • GetActiveWebGuid
  • GetActiveSiteGuid
  • ChangeDefaultView
  • ChangeNewUrl
  • ChangeEditUrl
  • ChangeDisplayUrl
  • AddIns management
(since last version)
  • Help command
  • Navigate commande
  • StsAdm & StsAdm extension support

- Add new commands to manipulate site and list.

If you are interested to participate at this project, you can contact the coordinator of the project.
Also, if you want a new command for future releases, you can add your request in the discussion tab.

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